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Letters and More

Letters and More is an inspiring program to teach all the letters of the alphabet, and to encourage word recognition.

It contains twelve different activities and has eighteen different word lists. Beautifully drawn illustrations create a fun and encouraging learning environment.

The Alphabet Fill in the missing letters in a grid.

Puzzle Complete the puzzle that contains only letters or a word and a picture.

Hidden Letters Find all the letters to spell a word.

Writing Write any words you want. If the word is recognised by the program, you will see a picture of it and hear the word spoken.

Sort Words Sort the words according to their initial letter.

Memory Try to find matching pairs. When you succeed you will see more and more of a picture. You can practice matching upper-case letters with lower-case, just letters of the same case or pictures and words. You can also choose how many cards you want to match.

Word Clouds Click on words on clouds that start with the initial letter shown at the top of the screen.

Match Words and Pictures Click on the cow with the picture that matches the written word.

Letter Train Click on the letters to spell the word. Unused letters are transported away by the train.

The Word House An image will be presented in an opening in the roof of a house. Some letters have been removed from the word below. Type the missing letters.

Remember Words A bee presents some words one at a time. One word occurs twice. Concentrate hard and try to remember which word was shown twice.

Spell the Word The letters of a word are shown one at a time. You will hear the letters spoken. Listen carefully. Type the word into the boxes below.

Settings There are very many options that can be adjusted in the settings menu. You can also access the manual from the settings menu and read extra hints and tips on using the program.

Accessibility The program can be used with a mouse, a touch screen, a keyboard, or one or two switches.





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