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Reading World

Reading World is a collection of 21 different reading games designed for language and literacy development. The activities are designed to widen letter and word recognition, build familiarity with alphabetical order and to increase spelling skills.

The activities are arranged in groups allowing you to work with letters, to build words, or to play games with whole words. You can quickly adjust the "my favourites" menu to make a collection of games specific to a student. Student profiles allow many features of the program to be tailored to meet individual needs.

The Reading World Editor allows you to create new word lists and add new words, images and sounds. The program comes with over 400 recorded words and you can add others directly via the editor.

Whole Words Activities

Alphabetical Order
Match Picture and Word
Guess the Word
Flash words
Ocean Prison
Select word from the List

Letters Activities

Create Word
Type the Word
Initial Letter
Sort the words
Find the same letter
Press a letter

Build Words Activities

Hang the Bird (Hangman)
Listen and Write
The Letter Factory
Compose Words
Select Letter
Word Tetris
Word Worm
Compose a Word





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