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From 1 to 100 From 1 to 100 /   From 1 to 100 /
From 1 to 100 /   From 1 to 100 /

From 1 to 100

A maths program to practice addition and subtraction with numbers up to 100.

Choose a level at the start by clicking 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100, and then choose an activity.

•Count money - practice counting with coins and paper money.

•Number sequence - complete a sequence of numbers.

•Colouring - complete the sums and a picture will be coloured.

•Reveal - complete the sums and a picture will be revealed gradually.

•Zoo - select the right answer to the sum and help the animals out of their cages.

•Memory game - turn over cards to find matching pairs. Match the sums (e.g. 15+2 and 13+4) or sums and answers (e.g. 15+2 and 17).

•Matching - find the right sum for a given total.

•Magic squares - work out the missing numbers.

•Darts - practice adding up your darts score.

•Tens and units - introduces sums in tens and units layout. Practice numbers to carry.

•Sliding tile game - practice logical thinking to order the numbers.

•Print out - print out many of the exercises to complete on paper.

You have the choice of using the carry ten function in some activities. You may also choose to display a number line, or not, in most activities.

Clearly presented practice of basic maths skills.


The program can be used with a mouse, a touch screen, a keyboard, one or two switches or a concept keyboard.





Version 1.3